About Us

Dream Racing is brought to you by a team of true motorsports enthusiasts who have dedicated their passion to the field of motorsports. Our team comes from Finland, the country of many famous Formula One drivers, such as the legendary Mika Häkkinen and the current Finnish Formula One drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Valtteri Bottas. The team management has years of experience in the industry both in driving and in the technical understanding of the field.

Formula one is a highly popular motorsport that has been loved by fans for decades. However, it has been only available to view with a few having the chance to participate. As true motorsport lovers, our team understood this terrible injustice and  went on a mission to change it. And so we decided to bring the real, live Formula One experience to you!

Now you do not have to limit your Formula One experience to watching your idol drive! Book our experience package and live the dream from the driver seat of our Formula One cars!

Contact us for any inquiries or additional information on our experience packages.